Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet! 

First, abit about me; I’m a mum and a step mum, I’m lucky enough to have found one of the good guys (however I’m #foreverenaged and not actually married) I’m a photographer, digital artist and what I’m calling an “emotional well-being advocate” promoting positivity inside and out! 

What can you expect from me? 

Well, I’ll be talking about a range of things on this here blog. From photography tips and tricks, to motherhood and the power of positive affirmations to name a few. 

I want this platform to be very much inclusive – that means if you’ve got questions you think I can answer or topics you’d like me to cover – head over to the contact me page and send me a message! 

Comments and discussions are always welcome but please keep it civil! 

Watch this space – first “real” blog post coming soon! 

— Abi 🖤

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