Basic modelling tips for the self conscious woman (or man!)

So you’ve got a small business or an influential social media account and you need to take photos of yourself or have your photo taken by someone else who isn’t exactly a professional photographer. But you’re struggling, you don’t necessarily love the way you look, whether that be your weight, your teeth, your hair etc. Whatever it may be, it’s valid, we are allowed to have hang ups but we shouldn’t let them hold us back from the boundless potential of showing up on our socials for our businesses! 

People buy from people – no matter how pretty your product pictures are, people are more likely to buy them if they can see the face behind them! Especially if you make wearables, people like to see you wearing them because at the end of the day, if you wouldn’t wear your products, why should they?! 

So my modelling top tips for non models – 

1. Know what you want – there is no point telling your other half to take a “nice” photo of you wearing your t-shirt, make sure you’re clear on what you want the outcome to be, look on Pinterest or your fave brands website for inspo and show whoever will be taking the picture plenty of examples. Professional photographers sometimes ask you to do this too because we aren’t mind readers either! 

2. Make it natural and fun! – often the best images of self conscious people in particular are the ones where they don’t really know the picture is being taken. If you’re not a glamour gal, don’t try to be because you’ll feel uncomfortable and it will translate to the image. Whoever is taking the pictures should keep clicking, even when you’re not “posing”.

3. Do you need to show it? – If you know there is a particular area of your body you really have an issue with, think, does that particular part of me NEED to be in this photo? Because if it doesn’t, then you don’t have to show it! Take that instant dread away.  If you’re selling and modelling hats for example, you don’t need to show your stomach for the photo to have impact! 

4. Take a selfie – take a selfie at your favourite angle and show whoever is taking your picture, they then have a rough idea of what angles you feel comfortable at. Often, a little higher works better if you’re conscious of your weight for example. Or if you’re major hang up is your nose, maybe don’t shoot profile(side on).

5. Do it at the right time – don’t decided that the first day of your period when you’re feeling bloated, after a night of no sleep and a new spot is the day it HAS to be done. If you’re not hiring a professional, you have all the flexibility in the world! Just wait a day or 2, make a day of it even! Wash your hair, pop your favourite lipstick on and make sure you’re having a good self image day! I know we don’t always wake up feeling like we are beautiful goddesses but some days are better than others, so try for the good days! 

6. Get others involved! – if you’ve got a best friend who helps out or children who you’re working around etc, get them involved, you’ll instantly feel more relaxed and likelihood is a potential customer will be able to relate to the image in some way anyway. Maybe their kids are a similar age or their best friend is their go to person to ask for help. 

7. Avoid standing straight on to the camera. By straight on I mean shoulder, hip, knee and foot all in a straight line. You very rarely stand this straight in real life which is half the reason photos like this make you look stiff and uncomfortable. Simple things like turning one foot out a bit and popping your hip or standing with your legs crossed can change the shape of your body. Even simply popping a hand on your hip can make a world of difference! 

Lastly, remember, nobody is going to judge you as hard as yourself, so before your disregard a whole bunch of pictures – ask someone you trust what they think! 

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