How do affirmations work?

So you know I talk about positive affirmations all the time and I’ve even created 4 different products using them! 

But what is a positive affirmation and how do they work?!

A positive affirmation is a positive statement that is designed to help you overcome challenges and negative thinking. 

The key is to repeat the same statement often, the more you say it the more you believe it. Think back to school – when you where learning new words or spellings you’d repeat them over and over again until they became ingrained in your subconscious. 

3 ways positive affirmations can work for you – 

  1. They can help you perform better in high pressure situations. If you’re going into a high pressure situation with a positive mindset you’re more likely to perform better. For example; If you’re telling yourself that you’re not a good public speaker – you won’t be a good public speaker because those words of self doubt will be constantly running around your head. If you tell yourself you are a wonderful public speaker who loves to educate large audiences – you’ll be much more likely to deliver an excellent presentation/speech. 
  2. They can help reduce your stress levels. By switching negative and fatalistic thoughts with positive and rational  thoughts you can help control the anxiety you’re feeling. For example: If you acknowledge that a situation makes you feel stressed or anxious you can turn it into a positive. So you’re stressed about an upcoming test or exam, remind yourself that you have studied this subject, you know what you need to know, you can do whatever you’d put your mind to and if all goes to hell you can always try again!
  3. They can help improve your self-esteem. Positive affirmations have been used successfully to treat people with low self-esteem and depression amongst other mental health conditions(link) .The study shows that when saying positive affirmations out loud the area of our brain that makes us more open to implement positive changes in relation to our health is stimulated! How amazing is that?!

I could go on, but I’ll leave it at 3 – for now! 

It is important to keep your affirmations realistic though! They are amazing when used correctly but just remember, just because you’ve told yourself 10 times a day for a week that you can fly doesn’t mean you should go jumping off tall buildings to put it to the test! 

If you’re wanting to start using positive affirmations to help you improve in the above areas have a look at the card decks I have designed: 

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